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Roger has worked with many breeds of horses, ponies and minis for over 37 years, in both the UK and USA. In Britain, he competed in hunter jumping, dressage, horse trials, endurance rides, rode as an amateur in National Hunt steeplechase racing, and was an amateur exercise rider and assistant trainer at Cree Lodge Racing Stables at Ayr in Scotland. He also rode to hounds with the Lanark and Renfrew, and Eglinton Foxhounds.

Since arriving in CA in 1998, Roger has competed in hunter jumping classes, shown ponies in hand and under saddle and has become a skilled whip in carriage driving events. He has formed a formidable partnership with The Davidson Dales Stud’s Dales Pony stallion, Colliery Alick, winning many classes in Pleasure Driving and Combined Driving (the driven equivalent of eventing). He now competes a pair of 11 hand Welsh pony geldings [the Welsh Hooligans], and coaches a number of Combined Driving competitiors. In 2014, Roger and his students won 9 Combined Driving classes and took one 2nd place. In 2010, Roger introduced Scurry driving into California, and promotes the sport in conjunction with Jeanne Williams at Sargent Equestrian Center, near Lodi.

His specialties are training horses, ponies and minis for driving, training recreational and competitive drivers, and coaching hunter/jumper riders. Roger is a member of the American Driving Society (ADS) and the Northern California Driving club (NCDC). He is the driving trainer for Davidson Dales Stud, from Clayton, CA. In 2013, Roger established a carriage driving training facility near Oakdale, in California's Central Valley, where he has a full size driven dressage court, a fenced training arena, three cross country hazards, and a 3/4 mile marathon training track. He gives clinics for driving clubs and other organizations, including 4-H groups.

Roger owns a 22 year old retired racing Thoroughbred, Charlie’s Coup (Charlie) and an 11 year old driving mini, Boots Scootin’ Boogie (Boots). In 2008, he acquired a Dales x Welsh Cob pony gelding, Davidsons Mercury Rising (Freddie), by Kelly Davidson’s Dales Pony stallion, Colliery Alick out of her Welsh Cob mare, Clanfair Chanel. Roger has trained both parents to drive. Alick has won multiple classes at Training and Preliminary Level in Combined Driving, and Chanel won her first driving class at the West Coast Connemara Show at Brookside, CA in September 2007 with Bev. Minor taking the reins. Young Freddie looks like a Welsh Cob but moves like a Dales Pony. If he has inherited driving ability, expect to see him at Driving Trials. In 2009, Roger acquired Spunky, an 11 hand Welsh Section A cross, who has proved to be an excellent competition pony. Spunky has won at both Training and Preliminary level as a Single Pony, and now leads the 'Welsh Hooligans' pair, either with Stuart [owned by Maureen Lamb] or Glen Haven Sweet Dynamo [Frodo] , who joined the team in 2014. Roger also has Nutmeg, a 15 year old POA mare. She is kind to beginners, lively enough for those wanting to stretch their skills, and has been driven by disabled clients. Driven by one of our clients, Nutmeg has won four Combined Driving classes in 2014.

Roger is an enthusiastic promoter of British Mountain and Moorland pony breeds. He is a member of the Dales Pony Society (UK).

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